Auto Illuminating

Xlerad uses patent pending smart technology. It has several integrated sensors including temperature, battery and a 3 axes accelerometer. This allows Xlerad to sense your riding conditions and its internal performance to adjust the best possible lighting level. Xlerad factors in:

Relative Speed

Using the internal accelerometer Xlerad can estimate velocity. The faster you're going, the brighter it will get.


Xlerad can sense if you’re riding straight or if you are turning. Generally, you need more light while you are changing directions so Xlerad ramps up the light for you during a turn.

Battery life

Even though Xlerad has excellent battery life, it will run down eventually. As the battery starts to run out, Xlerad becomes more conservative with its power to help you last through the ride.

LED Temperature

High power LEDs create a lot of heat. The problem is high temperatures degrade LEDs performance. Xlerad will not let itself overheat. This is an important feature because It allows Xlerad to have a higher maximum power than any other light of it’s size.


Extra Long battery Life

Smart software coupled with the highest performing single-die LED auto dims to eliminate wasting battery life.  Xlerad has a large 5000mAh capacity Lithium-ion external battery pack to power the light, giving you the longest run time possible!

Excellent Light Quality

Cree is the industry standard when it comes to high quality, sustainable LED's. We are using CREE's highest performing, commercially available single-die LED available.  This translates into using less power to run, greater brightness, longer lifetimes, and smaller carbon footprint.

These LED's are designed to last 50,000 hours. If you ran our LED for 6 hours per day, every day, it would last 23 years! They are free of mercury and other toxic materials, a win win for the environment!

Most light manufacturers are chasing the highest lumen output with no regards to light quality, we chose to fix this. The warmer light helps show the different conditions on the trail and the road alike, such as roots, rocks, mud, and potholes. Its also less blinding for car drivers compared to the cooler, harsh color lights.

Xlerad has a wide angle lens to better distribute the beam across your path. Traditional spot type beams have a tendency to be too narrow and does not do an adequate job of lighting your path at bicycle speeds


Slick Enclosure

The Xlerad enclosure is slick and small on your handlebars. Because of the auto illumination technology, Xlerad has a smaller form factor than other 1000 lumen lights. To power a LED at 1000 lumens creates a lot of heat which requires either a very large heat sink (large form factor) or over temperature conditions (degrades LED). Because Xlerad only ramps up to 1000 lumens temporally when you need it most, it can get away with a very small heat sink and form factor.



As avid night riders, we have always faced a lighting problem. In recent years relatively cheap, very high brightness LED bike lights have entered the market. These products are very impressive out of the box. Many people have never seen a 1000 lumen LED and it’s easy to impress your friends. But the charm always wears off. After trying many different models, we have found a common theme of disappointment. Mainly due to 3 major shortcomings: thermal performance, battery life, and product life. By leveraging smart technology we are able to solve these problems without reducing performance.


less power=Less heat = longer LED life = longer battery life = longer battery lifetime

Conservation to increase performance

Usually in the engineering world, conservation and performance are at separate ends of a spectrum, performance is sacrificed when the practicality of conservation is applied. Xlerad saves power by not being at full blast all the time. We are proud of energy and carbon footprint savings Xlerad accomplishes, however, it is the performance enhancements that have guided our design decisions.